Keep the Romance Alive – Make a Will

Make a Will

As it is Valentine’s Day this month, why not treat your other half to a romantic date at Acorn Solicitors. Picture the scene:

You walk into a lovely warm and cosy office and are greeted by a smiling receptionist who offers you a drink. Gratefully accepting a drink you wrap your hands around your warming mug. A friendly solicitor will then greet you and take you into a comfortable meeting room. You discuss your Will with the solicitor whilst sipping your hot drink.

Think that’s a bit far-fetched? It’s really not!

Visit our warm offices in Taunton and Street, Somerset this month and receive a FREE hot drink.

It is really important that you make a Will to make sure your loved ones are properly provided for. If you have a Will and are planning to get married it is equally important to make a new Will. This is because your marriage will automatically revoke your earlier Will. Meaning that if you do not make a new Will, your estate will not pass in accordance with your Will.

We ALSO OFFER discounted rates when making a Lasting Power of Attorney at the same time as your Will.

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