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Conveyancing Services – Residential Property

Whether or not  you are a first time buyer of residential property or not it can still be a stressful time. It can also be stressful selling property too. That is why our expert conveyancers are here to do the hard work for you. We take the stress out of your hands.

The laws surrounding the conveyancing of residential property seem like they are constantly changing. Especially with the changes in the Stamp Duty Land Tax rules. Our conveyancing services team will also deal with your Mortgage Providers on your behalf. Different Mortgage Lenders have different sets of standard conditions for different types of mortgages, whether it is a standard mortgage or a buy-to -et mortgage, they all require different information.

Alternatively, you might be looking at doing a Transfer of Equity. This is when you either add or remove someone from your title deeds. For example, you might want to add your son or daughter to your title deeds, or if you are a couple separating, you might want to remove your other half’s name from the title deeds. We can do this by simply drawing up a Transfer Deed for you and registering this with the Land Registry.

At Acorn we are here to do the conveyancing for you. We are here for you through each stage of the transaction from having your offer accepted to getting the keys to your new home. So, whether you are a first time buyer, re-mortgaging, transferring equity, buying to let or purchasing a new home we have your best interests at heart. We endeavour to keep you updated throughout the conveyancing process leaving no hidden surprises or costs at the end.

Conveyancing Process

Selling a property

  1. Sale is agreed.
  2. Initial letter sent to client for completion and return. 
  3. Paperwork completed and received from client.
  4. Contract prepared for buyer’s solicitors and sent to them.
  5. Answer and questions the buyer’s solicitors may have.
  6. Clarification questions sent to client and then replies forwarded to buyer’s solicitor
  7. Contract and transfer are arranged ad sent to client for signature.
  8. Agree completion date once the client has signed the contract.
  9. Exchange contracts and request redemption statement (if needed) and prepare completion statement.
  10. Complete sale – property is now sold!

Buying a property

  1. Offer is accepted
  2. Initial letter is sent to client for completion and return.
  3. Paperwork received from client  – contract received for seller’s solicitors.
  4. Searches are put in place (if required) and mortgage offer received (if required).
  5. Enquiries are then raised and sent to the seller’s solicitor.
  6. Replies regarding enquiries are received from the seller’s solicitors.
  7. Once searched and all replies to enquiries, plus mortgage offers are received a report is sent to the client.
  8. A deposit is agreed with completion dates with the whole chain and exchange arranged.
  9. Exchange of contracts with redemption statement (if needed) and preparation of completion statement.
  10. Complete purchase  – property is now bought.

If you would like to read our FAQ section it includes helpful information such as costs of disbursements (eg searches), clear information on VAT and how we calculate our service costs.

At Acorn Solicitors we are able to give you a very good indication of your costs through our online quoting tool below.

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