Elderly Client Matters
David and a client

Acorn Solicitors main areas of work in Elderly Client Matters are:

Acorn Solicitors deal with a number of different topics concerning the older generation. These topics include:-

David Sinclair is a past Chairman of Solicitors for the Elderly. He gained his position within the organisation through his passion for the older client. He understands their needs and will help them understand the ever-changing law by avoiding legal jargon. 

Who are Solicitors for the Elderly?

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) is a national association of independent lawyers who specialise in older client law. David Sinclair is a Director of this organisation.

SFE members are specialist solicitors who are trained in older client care. This means we are able to take into account any difficulties, both mentally and physically, which can affect older and vulnerable clients. We are also aware of the health and social problems that these people may face.

As SFE members, we will provide independent advice which is in the best interests of older or vulnerable clients. We respect their dignity and understand their need for a holistic approach to problem solving. All advice we give is confidential and we endeavour to follow a plain English policy i.e. we will always communicate in easy, understandable language and will explain any necessary legal terminology. Our wealth of experience and training will help to put people at ease when dealing with complex, life changing issues.

As Fully Accredited Members of the SFE we:

  • Are specialists in advising older and vulnerable clients on legal matters;

  • Are fully qualified solicitors, barristers and chartered legal executives who have all undertaken additional specialist training in older client law;

  • Have spent a substantial amount of time working with older and vulnerable clients

  • Have gained the Older Client Care in Practice Award which is accredited by SFJ (Skills for Justice) a government body which shows that we have the required additional skills to be able to advise and support older and vulnerable people

  • Follow a strict code of practice

  • Are committed to providing affordable, good quality legal advice

  • Are regulated by professional bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority

  • Keep our knowledge and skills up to date by undertaking regular training

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