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Jill Sinclair is the Notary Public at Acorn. She is based in our Street office for appointments. Appointments generally take place in the evenings.

Jill provides a Notary Public service separate from her work as a Solicitor for anyone who might require a legal document signed by a Notary Public. She is legally authorised to certify a document when a Notary Public is necessary. Jill’s notarial practice is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Often a Notary Public is needed for a document that needs to be used in another country, for example if your business wants to establish an office abroad, if you are buying or selling property abroad or if you want to confirm your single status when planning to marry in a foreign country.

Other uses for a Notary Public include closing documents for a mortgage, sale or loan and assigning patents or trademarks amongst many other things. Jill has worked alongside many companies and businesses as a Notary Public and authenticated many different types of document. Jill can also provide Consular legalisation or an Apostille, as appropriate.

Jill will provide a quote for the work at the outset so that you know what your costs will be.

You may need to see a Notary to:

Sign a Power of Attorney for use abroad
Get a certified copy of your passport
Open a bank account abroad
Make a statutory declaration or swear an oath or swear an affidavit
Buy or sell property abroad, have a translation certified
Confirm your single status in order to marry abroad
Witness a declaration regarding a lost passport or your share certificates
Get an Apostille or other legalisation
Set up a company branch office abroad
Sign an acknowledgment
Have your contracts authenticated
Have closing documents for a mortgage, sale or loan
Assign patents, trademarks or domain names
Assign any other documents for abroad, which require a notary stamp
Have notarised copies made of your qualifications or other documents


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