Discussing Legal Issues – Christmas and into the New Year

legal christmas

From everyone at Acorn Solicitors we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As families gather during the festive time, we often have some time to reflect and make decisions we have put off for some time. Some of those may be legal issues that you might need help with moving forward.

Here are just a few that regularly come up during the Christmas break…


You might feel you need to change your Will because of family circumstances such as a new member of the family is born, there has been a death in the family or a divorce that changes the circumstances and that makes your previously made Will out of date. Having a Will which is up to date and relevant to your circumstances now will be a huge relief for your family, and if you haven’t actually got around to getting a Will, maybe now is the time to consider it? Your family and friends will thank you later – it is one of the biggest problems you can leave them with and one which often causes pain later.

Power of Attorney

You may feel that you need to get a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place so trusted family members or friends can help you manage your finances, or make health and care decisions if you aren’t able to, or need support. Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney and getting all the necessary legal advice surrounding them is invaluable and will be a weight off your mind and theirs. Over the festive season you can think about who would be suitable to act for you and any conditions you might feel would be necessary, so they are able to act in your best interests. Remember, there are two types of LPAs and both have important roles to play. Without them your family and loved ones have little say in what happens to you when, and if you, are unable to make those decisions yourself.

Moving House

Christmas is a time when you may have more visitors arriving than usual. At this time your home either comes into its own or shows you its flaws. By the end of the festive break, you may feel you want to move house and are curious what the costs would be. We work on fixed rates at Acorn so there are no nasty surprises, and you can factor in the cost of conveyancing as you know it!

Commercial Property

Many a new business venture is born at Christmas, decisions that you have held back on often come up when your brain has a bit more freedom to think and it could be your time this year! If you are thinking of making this leap and you need advice on taking on a commercial lease or buying a commercial premise, give us a call. We can guide and advise you so you avoid many of the pitfalls and enjoy the advantages.


It is no secret that sadly more people die during this time of year than any other. It is tragic but true. Losing a loved one during this time may mean that you are faced with the fact that you have to deal with probate and sort out their affairs. Getting the right help and support can mean things get dealt with quicker and there is a point of contact for everyone involved. Probate is very hard to deal with when someone close to you dies, handing it over to those that deal with it everyday can take away that extra strain at a time when you are not feeling at your best.

We can help with all these areas of legal advice and assistance and would be delighted to quote for the work. You can get quotes for Wills, Powers of Attorney and conveyancing here on our website and an idea of the cost of probate and our handy FAQs on these subjects can help enormously.

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