Wills and Trusts
making Wills

Making a Will is one of the most important decisions you will make.

It is crucial that you appoint a solicitor to write your Will. This will ensure that your wishes are properly carried out after you have passed away. We are experienced not only in drawing up Wills but also putting their provisions into effect after someone has died. We know of the problems and pitfalls to avoid.

Executors manage your estate once you have passed away. You must therefore choose your Executors wisely by asking yourself: Are they capable? Do you trust them? Will they want to take on the task? You can take this stressful and time-consuming job away from your loved ones by appointing us as your Professional Executors.

Inheritance Tax can be a big problem. We can advise you on how you can minimise the tax bill and maximise the amount passing to your beneficiaries. This might include setting up a Trust in your Will. By doing this you can protect your assets from complicated tax laws, potential care fees or spendthrift family members. We can act as your Professional Trustees to ensure that the rules of the Trust are complied with and to take the stress away from your loved ones.

Already made a Will?  Getting married? Then you will probably need to make a new one. This is because marriage will, in most cases, revoke your existing Will. If you have children you can appoint a guardian for them in your Will should anything happen.

Acorn Solicitors in Taunton and Street listen carefully to what you want to achieve and draw up the Will to accurately reflect your wishes. We do this in a way that is uncomplicated and free from legal jargon that may be difficult for your Executor to interpret. 

We appreciate that you may not be comfortable with coming into our office to see us with the COVID-19 crisis we can offer home visits telephone appointments or contact the initial appointment over the telephone or by video conference such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

If you would like to make a Will with us then please contact us on TAUNTON 01823 273010 or STREET 01458 441507 and we can book an appointment to discuss things further.

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