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Acorn Solicitors are local, friendly family-run firm of Solicitors who are here to help you with any enquiries or issues you may have in relation to your Wills, Probate and other related family matters. Below are some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

Why do I need a Will?

By making a Will, you can ensure that your estate is left according to your wishes and that the people you love or care for are provided for after your death. If you do not have a valid Will, your estate will be intestate, and this may mean that your assets are left to people you would not want them to go to. It will also likely incur additional expense for your loved ones who will have to administer your estate after your death.

How complicated is the process of making a Will?

Depending on how you wish to leave your assets, your Will can be as straightforward as you wish for it to be. We can advise you further on leaving your effects and any inheritance tax implications that might arise.

How can Acorn Solicitors assist me if someone I love has passed away?

We understand how truly devastating losing a loved one can be and we want to make the process of administering their estate as smooth and stress free as possible. Whether your loved one has left a Will or has died intestate, we can assist you with making an application for Probate only, or we can administer their estate on your behalf. Our friendly and supportive team are here to help you at this difficult time.

What else can we assist with?

We can assist with the making of Lasting Powers of Attorney, applications to the Court of Protection and advising on Trusts, Probate and Inheritance Tax. We also have a conveyancing team who can assist you with your residential or commercial property needs. We will always make sure we provide you with the best legal advice and guidance at all times.

Please do give us a call if you would like to have a chat with one of our team, or if you would like to book an appointment in our Taunton or Street Office.  We look forward to meeting you.

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