Why make a Will? Taunton Solicitors tell you why

Taunton Solicitors

Read why our Taunton Solicitors are urging your to make your Will.

Making a Will is essential for most people and there are many reasons why people put it off. But spending a few hours making a Will can help relieve stress and heartache for loved-ones in the future.


Your personal effects will pass to the people you want to benefit from your Estate. If you die intestate (in other words without a Will) you run the risk of your effects going to people you might not necessarily want them to. You will also leave behind a trail of stress, cost and even family feuds. You need a Will for all circumstances. Whether you are single, married, and have children or not. And don’t forget the perils of Inheritance Tax which many people fall into because of the increase in house prices in the last 10 years..



It is widely recommended that you pay a solicitor to draw up a Will on your behalf, especially if you think it might be complex. Having an expert solicitor to help you will ensure your Will is watertight and legally valid.


Circumstances in life change all the time. If this means you need to amend your Will, it is important that you don’t waste time in doing so. For example, if you were single when you drew up your Will, it may become invalid if you get married. On the other hand, divorce or separation does not make a will invalid so you might well want to make changes.


Acorn Solicitors are legal experts in making Wills. Pop to see David or Jill at in the Taunton or Street Office.

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