Guide to Buying & Selling Property

Probate Street

The summer is a busy time for the property market, families often want to move during the long school holidays, in order to be reasonably settled and organised before the new school term begins. For others it is the lure of the sunshine and blue skies that makes them look at changing location and of course the actual process of moving house is far easier during a long, hot, dry day rather than a cold, wet, dark one.

Here at Acorn we regularly help during the buying and selling process and aim to make it as speedy and un-stressful as is possible. With all this in mind we have produced a useful guide to buying and selling property covering all aspects of the process and explaining each step of the process in a way that is both simple to understand and easy to follow.

This guide is available to everyone – so please feel free to read it – it will certainly help you. If you would like to ask further questions about what we can do for you and your house buying or selling process please do not hesitate to to talk to our experienced and friendly team for free advice.

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