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Conveyancing in Taunton

At the time of writing, over 65 square miles of our beautiful county is still submerged by flood water and our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected. Climate scientists are warning that disasters of this nature may become more frequent. So what, if anything can you do to reduce your own risk?

When you buy a house, part of the conveyancing service offered by your solicitor is running checks and searches on not only the property, but also the surrounding area. We look for nearby planning applications, covenants that might restrict your enjoyment of the property and environmental factors that could affect your purchase, including the level of flood risk. Even if your chosen property is some distance from the coast or a river, you may still be at risk of surface water flooding, which relies on drainage and other factors.

If a house or business is considered to be at risk from flooding, it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy it. It does mean, however, that it’s vitally important you are in full possession of the facts. Knowing your level of risk means you can understand the defence options open to you and make sure you have adequate insurance in place.

It’s very much hoped that after Somerset’s stormy start to 2014, the Environment Agency will act to protect the Levels from future inundations. By choosing professional legal advice when you buy a house, you’re protecting yourself, your loved ones and all your most treasured possessions.

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