Probate solicitors are often seen as being slow and expensive

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Acorn Probate Solicitors are different.

Our Probate Solicitors offer free initial, no obligation consultations. This is where we can simply advise you of the next steps following a loved ones death or we can take on the work for you. It is worth noting that we will do as little or as much work that you would like us to do. We can simply obtain the Grant of Probate for you, or we can administer the estate right through until the final distributions to the beneficiaries.

We also work on fixed fees so you know what it will be costing you right from the beginning.

Probate can become stressful and time consuming. You can therefore appoint Acorn Solicitors to deal with the administration of the estate of your loved one. The administration of the estate is dealt with quickly and efficiently by the Probate Solicitors here at Acorn. We are here as much or as little as you need us. We can simply provide you with Probate advice during a free half hour consultation, if that is all you need.

Probate is a much simpler process if there has been a Will left. A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. However a large number of people put off making a Will or never make one. At Acorn we do the majority of Wills on fixed fees. We also offer free storage of your Will in our fireproof storage and free Will Reviews. Don’t be put off making a Will, we are here to help you.

David Sinclair is Chairman of Solicitors of the Elderly so really understands the needs of the older generation. 

If you are unsure of what Probate involves, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page which we hope you will find useful. 


Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation. 

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