FAQ Probate

Frequently Asked Questions


This answers some of the commonly asked questions that clients have. If you have a question that is not covered in the list below, then please let us know. 

We offer free initial consultations – however long – with no obligation, usually on a same day basis (as far as possible). From the initial meeting we then agree a timetable with you for getting things done and will work with you with the aim of keeping costs to a minimum. We also work generally on fixed fees so you know exactly how much it will cost from the beginning. We also advise on ways of saving tax or varying the will or intestacy (where there is no will) through Deeds of Variation.
To ensure that Probate or Trusts are carried out correctly and in accordance with the often complex rules and regulations, you can appoint a professional firm alongside a Personal Executor or alone. As a Personal Executor it is also advised to get a solicitor to help you administer the estate. We ensure that probate is granted efficiently, assets are distributed quickly and trusts are handled effectively. We will relieve you of the stress involved and manage the complex work of administration on your behalf, as well as releasing you from your personal liability as an Executor. We specialise in Probate, so you benefit from our expert knowledge and experience.
Acorn Solicitors provide a specialist Probate and Trusts service for Executors and Trustees, for those who die intestate (where there is no will). This can make the process more complicated and stressful and it is advised to use a solicitor to help distribute the deceased’s estate.
It is possible to rearrange how the money will be distributed, provided everyone who would inherit under the intestacy rules agrees. The property can be shared out in a different way, either giving people a share of the estate who would not be entitled to some or dividing it up in a different way. It must be done within two years of the death and you will need legal advice.

VAT  – Value Added Tax is payable at 20% on any legal work or bank transfers we undertake for you in probate cases. VAT also applies to some of the searches that we conduct or if we instruct third parties. In our quotes we set out when VAT is applicable.