How not making a will could affect your family

making Wills

Making a Will is very important, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

It is a process that requires only a little time and effort, but can give you and your family great peace of mind if the worst should happen. If you need a little persuading to get in touch with will solicitors to get the job done, try thinking about what could potentially happen if you don’t ever get round to it and pass away without having made a will. For example:

    • Your wishes may not be followed. Your estate and possessions may not be divided up and distributed in the way you would like. For example, prized possessions or property may be sold rather than given to a family member, or a charity you’d like to leave money to won’t get a penny.
    • The government could get your money. If you fail to name a beneficiary for your estate, it could end up going, at least in part, to the government.
    • It could cause fighting within your family. Without a clear idea of your wishes with regards to your estate, family members could end up fighting amongst themselves over who gets what. This isn’t a situation anyone would want.
    • Probate could go on for years. If you have particularly complicated affairs, making a will is even more important. Without one, the probate process could end up taking years to sort out, costing those closest to you a small fortune.

To avoid any or all of these unwanted circumstances, make a Will as soon as possible.

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