Your Conveyancer in Taunton and Street

Conveyancer in Taunton

Why do I need a solicitor when I am buying a property?

When your offer has been accepted this is the point when your conveyancer steps in and begins the process of conveyancing. We have a conveyancer in Taunton and Street.

Conveyancing is when your solicitors draw up the contract that will eventually be signed by both parties. However, before this is signed – your solicitor must also ensure that there are no problems with the property – this is part of the conveyancing process and is called, ‘making enquiries and searches’.

This involves local searches into the area, the land registry and any local, legal, or graded house listings that need to be acknowledged or dealt with. Following this, the document can be signed by both parties: the buyer and the seller.

Finally, your solicitor also manages the transfer of funds of both your deposit on the house and the final sum of money.

At Acorn Solicitors we have a local conveyancer in Taunton and in Street. Our conveyancers have lived in the local area a long, long time and are therefore in the best position to advise you on any potential pitfalls. They can also advise you on how to get the most enjoyment out of your property and the area.

We have created a guide to buying and selling property so that you can see the exact route you must travel. We will give you this guide at the start of your transaction. For now, you can visit out FAQ page for more information surrounding the conveyancing process. Or get in touch and talk to us about how we can help you.

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